Botox injections in Pardis and East of Tehran

Botox is offered for the removal of forehead and facial wrinkles in Pardis and East of Tehran

The clinic offers a selection of five types of laser hair removal devices, each designed to cater to various skin types. This ensures that our dear clients can experience everything they expect from Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic

Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic is prepared to offer its dear clients a unique blend of quality and effectiveness. We achieve this by utilizing most advanced devices, along with the use of high-quality materials from best domestic and foreign brands. Additionally, our team of expert doctors and professionals in this field ensures top-notch services.

The goal of Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic is to achieve maximum client satisfaction and receive positive feedback from our dear clients

Brief introduction

Botox is a type of botulinum toxin that effectively improves and removes resistant wrinkles on the face or forehead. In some cases, it also has medicinal uses in addition to its cosmetic uses.

Botox does not have a specific minimum or maximum age limit. When it is used for a younger age, it can prevent sagging and wrinkles on the forehead and face.

There are both Iranian and foreign types of Botox available. The choice between them depends on the specific medical condition. Iranian types, which adhere to reliable and standard practices, are used alongside foreign brands.

Removing forehead and face wrinkles in Pardis and East of Tehran

بوتاکس از بین بردن چین و چروک های پیشانی و صورت در پردیس | کلینیک زیبایی دکتر قهرمانی | بهترین کلینیک زیبایی در پردیس و شرق تهران

After a Botox injection, which typically takes effect within 3 to 14 days, its impact on the face, forehead, or other parts of the body appears.

After 14 days have passed, it is essential for those seeking beauty enhancements to return to Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic in Fardis and East Tehran for an effectiveness evaluation. Additional treatments may be recommended based on the assessment.

Following the recommended treatments, forehead and facial wrinkles are expected to be significantly reduced, resulting in a more natural and smooth appearance.

تزریق بوتاکس دکتر قهرمانی پردیس و شرق تهران

Longevity of Botox

Depending on the type of material used, Botox can be estimated to last between 4 and 6 months.

For clients who undergo forehead or facial Botox for the first time, it is advisable to schedule a follow-up visit to the clinic after 3 months to assess its effects and effectiveness.

Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic, located in Pardis, has years of successful experience in the field of Botax and is ready to serve you with the expertise of its best specialists.

For more information, you can either call us at 021-7629-0009 or 0935-239-0009, or simply fill out the form below. Our experts will then contact you promptly to provide advice.


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