Gel and Filler Injection in Pardis

injection of lip gel to remove and eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and acne scars in Pardis

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Filler injections in Pardis

Lip Gel or Lip Filler Injections in Pardis

As we age, the subcutaneous fat under the skin diminishes, leading to increased visibility of the facial muscles and bones. In some cases, this can result in sagging in various areas of the face and body.

کلینیک زیبایی دکتر قهرمانی

Acne scar removal in Pardis

In this case, non-invasive methods such as filler injections (including gel, fat, and rejuvenating threads or mesogel) are employed to diminish and eliminate frown lines and blemishes, particularly on the face. This approach avoids the complications and high costs associated with surgical and cosmetic procedures, making it a recommended choice for those seeking beauty enhancements.

Additionally, over time, factors such as gravity, sun exposure, and other environmental factors contribute to a reduction in collagen production. This reduction can lead to the increment of wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and frown lines.

Injecting lip filler or gel into the lips can effectively address these cosmetic concerns, helping to enhance facial features and diminish the appearance of imperfections.

کلینیک زیبایی دکتر قهرمانی قبل و بعد تزریق ژل لب

Types of fillers or gels


One of the most widely used fillers, which is a type of natural sugar that normally exists in the human face, and the probability of allergic reactions to it is very low, and as a result, it is low risk, although the method or technique of injection is also very important. this type of filler lasts between 12 and 18 months and it is  easily available in the market.


Other types of fillers are sorted as coarse and permanent and last up to 5 years, and due to the long-term durability, doctors usually do not use it for all parts of the face


It is composed of microscopic components, and like PMMA, it is not used in all parts of the face due to its high durability, and it is usually used for places that have deep fat deposits, like the laugh line or cheeks


A synthetic material that has been used in the production of suture thread in recent years and is not a type of direct fillers, and its effect is visible after a certain period of time by stimulating collagen production and absorption of interstitial water at the injection site, which is usually in the lower half of the face. It is used except for the lips and usually has a semi-permanent and multi-year effect.

تزریق فیلر بینی در پردیس شرق تهران تزریق ژل بینی در پردیس شرق تهران

تزریق فیلر بینی در پردیس شرق تهران تزریق ژل بینی در پردیس شرق تهران

Fat injection

This method is a little more invasive than the previous methods, because in  a method like suction, fat from other parts of the person’s body must be extracted and processed and then injected. In this case, it may require anesthesia. This method usually has no allergic reactions because the fat is obtained from the person’s own body, and it will last for a long time


this technique, expertise and method of filler injection is one of the most important points that  you should pay attention to.

experts and doctors of Dr. Garhamani’s beauty clinic with the highest quality and the most effective results  perform filler and gel injections are performed in Pardis.

Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic, located in Pardis, has years of successful experience in the field of injection of lip gel to remove and eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and acne scars and is ready to serve you with the expertise of its best specialists.

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