Q-switched laser

Tattoo removal by Q-switched laser in Pardis and East of Tehran

Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic is prepared to offer its dear clients a unique blend of quality and effectiveness. We achieve this by utilizing most advanced devices, along with the use of high-quality materials from best domestic and foreign brands. Additionally, our team of expert doctors and professionals in this field ensures top-notch services.

The goal of Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic is to achieve maximum client satisfaction and receive positive feedback from our dear clients

Q-switched laser is one of the effective techniques for treating skin spots and tattoo removal.

Tattoos consist of synthetic materials that are injected into the skin. For those seeking tattoo removal, the Q-switched laser is a recommended option.

The Q-switched laser is considered one of the most effective methods for tattoo removal

removing skin spots by Q-switched laser

Spots can be caused by various factors such as aging, the use of certain drugs, genetic predisposition, or exposure to sunlight.

پاک کردن تتو در پردیس از بین بردن خال کوبی در پردیس از بین بردن لک های پوستی در پردیس لیزر کیوسوئیچ در پردیس

The Q-switched laser, which emits different wavelengths, is directed onto the stain or colored pigments of the tattoo. It disintegrates these pigments, which are later removed from the body through lymphatic processes.

For this reason, Q-switched laser is generally considered a low-risk method that does not leave any scars.

Complete removal of facial and body tattoos, as well as the treatment of birthmarks, skin blemishes, bruises, and freckles, along with rejuvenation and reduction of open facial pores, can all be achieved through Q-switched laser at Dr. Gahremani beauty clinic

Dr. Ghahremani beauty clinic, located in Pardis, has years of successful experience in the field of Q-switched laser and is ready to serve you with the expertise of its best specialists.

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